We live in a Data driven world

Everyone loves a visual story. A story that is presented with infographics, live feeds or dynamic maps. But do you know that the principles of a Geographic Information System provides just that.

With an array of Analytical tools and multi-views, GIS technology allows your once perceived ‘one dimensional’ databases to be transformed into a hub for Geo-intelligence. This transformation creates a common operating platform for any organization.

Therefore, when data is strategically modelled and managed effectively, enhanced visualization and collaboration occurs, which then promotes improvements to decision making and action planning.

Let’s recognize the vast potential of our datasets today.

Get Online

We live in the digital era. Data is safety stored, shared, collected and manipulated via web platforms and Apps on mobile devices. Land Management and Spatial Analysis has been revolutionized through these resources.

One such digital resource is ESRI’s ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online allows an Organization to share Dynamic Maps, create WebApps, configure Operational Dashboards and develop Story Maps to promote Geo-Intelligence. Field data can be uploaded on site and tracking data or statistics can be generated on demand.

Lanmac TT can design an online service to meet the needs of your organization. This service will improve situational awareness, data collection and response mechanisms. Get Online today!