GIS DAY 2019

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has revolutionalised many processes and enhanced procedures.

It is a system of organized data, a system of integrating people and processes and a system of Analytical functionalities.

This framework promotes visualization of Surface Occupation, Data Enrichment, Real time updates and Data Driven Solutions

Lets harness the power of GIS and spread the word on the value of this technological resource on this 2019 GIS day!

Analysis beyond Land..

Lanmac TT was conceptualized by professionals with decades of experience relating to Spatial Analysis and Land Information Systems development. However the principles and technology can be applied to much more that Land Management and Surface Occupation.

Did you know that G.I.S technology can be applied in the fields of Medicine, Transportation, Crime analysis, Epidemiology and Environmental Conservation, just to name a few.

Within the medical field for example, the outline of the human body can be considered the spatial extents and a disease or injury can be related to its location on the human body. Therefore analysis can be made using real time inputs and case comparisons can be enhanced.

Crime Analysis and Epidemiology involves analyzing patterns and trends and reporting on incident clusters. G.I.S has revolutionized these processes by providing an interface with an array of Analysis tools to promote multi-criteria queries and Dynamic Map outputs.

So while we work, lets look at the spatial component of processes and how enhancements can be made using the power of GIS.