Informing Safety Procedures

Identify‚Ķ Integrate… Inform..

Identifying the impact and spread of a hazardous event and then integrating this data with the business and safety principles of an organization will ultimately greatly inform the response and management of the event. GIS technology has produced numerous, multi-faceted Safety systems based on this Ideology for our ever dynamic world.

Spatial tools has enabled event mapping, tracking, impact analysis and predictive modelling to be simultaneously conducted in a real-time digital environment. Applications of these principles were highlighted at ESRI’s 2019 User conference (as shown in photo excerpts above).

Disaster response and preparedness is a critical component of the Safety procedures of any organization. Spatial statistics and trend mapping about an event, has resulted in improvements with the deployment of resources and the levels of impact. Therefore investing in the development of a Safety Information System with GIS technology will widely inform daily processes and enhance risk management.

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Analysis beyond Land..

Lanmac TT was conceptualized by professionals with decades of experience relating to Spatial Analysis and Land Information Systems development. However the principles and technology can be applied to much more that Land Management and Surface Occupation.

Did you know that G.I.S technology can be applied in the fields of Medicine, Transportation, Crime analysis, Epidemiology and Environmental Conservation, just to name a few.

Within the medical field for example, the outline of the human body can be considered the spatial extents and a disease or injury can be related to its location on the human body. Therefore analysis can be made using real time inputs and case comparisons can be enhanced.

Crime Analysis and Epidemiology involves analyzing patterns and trends and reporting on incident clusters. G.I.S has revolutionized these processes by providing an interface with an array of Analysis tools to promote multi-criteria queries and Dynamic Map outputs.

So while we work, lets look at the spatial component of processes and how enhancements can be made using the power of GIS.

Promoting Geo Intelligence

LANMAC TT is an organization specializing in G.I.S. Development and Land Management Services. We are located in Trinidad and Tobago and our expertise is in Information System Design, Data Modelling, Spatial Analytics, Risk Monitoring and Improving data dissemination channels.

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